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Productivity on Memorial Day

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend and that the weather wherever you are is as perfectly gorgeous as we’re blessed with here in the New York City area today!

This morning my family and I were at a neighbor’s house for a lovely casual get-together.¬†The tiny parade (about five minutes long) in our town passes right in front of our hosts’ lovely home, and we had a wonderful time!

Since then, I’ve been trying to be productive. On Scribd.com, I have now published four articles and three short stories for your free reading and downloading pleasure. (This is the same site where I published the free serialization of The Truth about Cinnamon.) Here’s the link that will take you to one of the short stories–http://www.scribd.com/doc/32280899/Life-at-Bat-and you can get to everything else I’ve published on Scribd from that page.

Let me know if you find anything interesting … ūüôā

If you have a lot of things you’ve written that you’ve been stuffing in drawers, sites like www.Scribd.com offer terrific opportunities for you to get your work “out there.” Not only is the publishing free, but the traffic (visits, reads, downloads) is tracked for you so you can see what sort of interest your writing is generating. I announced the publishing of my artilces and short stories on my Facebook and Twitter sites, among others, to help get the ball rolling. I’ll let you know if I see anything happen with my traffic numbers.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to investigate this possibility, if you’re on a publishing Journey of your own.

New York Times Editorial on E-Reading

This editorial was in yesterday’s New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/opinion/30sun4.html), and since we’ve been discussing the whole subject of e-books lately, I thought you might find the perspective of interest.

Thoughts on To-Do Lists

Something I’ve noticed in the last few weeks is sort of astonishing to me, probably because it’s never happened (or I’ve never let it happen) to me before. Normally, my to-do lists expand daily–after finishing four or five things on one day, six or seven things get added later that day or the next. So there’s never any¬†sense that I’m getting my arms around the octopus. Sound at all familiar?

But since my surgery, I’ve cut back on my commitments and made a concerted effort to stop saying yes to every request that comes along. Consequently, an amazing thing has been happening! My to-do list is getting shorter. Of course, I only have about three weeks before I’ll be¬†running on full steam again, so I doubt that the list will ever be empty. (Can you even begin to imagine a time when you had absolutely nothing that needed to be done?)

And some of the notations on the list can be deceiving. For example, the line item that simply said “Publish articles and stories on Scribd” took nearly three days to accomplish because all seven pieces needed to be edited and polished first. There aren’t very many things on the list (most of which are related to the marketing and promotion of Separation of Faith) that can be finished in a few minutes. So accomplishing even one or two things in a day can be monumental. And still, during the past week, the list has grown shorter.

Even with that miracle, however,¬†the remaining list is still somewhat overwhelming. But the fact that I’m not allowing any new items to be added (for a little while, at least) is making a remarkable impact on my stress level. And I highly recommend the experience!

Naturally, I realize that there aren’t many realistic opportunities for everyone to¬†stop the spinning and just get off the ride.¬†Perhaps a couple of days, though–or just one day every now and then–when you allow yourself to say, “I’m sorry, but I’m full today,” would do wonders for your blood pressure.

Believe me, as I was blogging on my mini netbook, in my hospital bed at 5:00 in the morning just a few hours after my surgery, I would not have believed that slowing down was possible. Imagine my surprise these four weeks later, having learned that I was wrong again.

If you decide to¬†give¬†a short term to-do shutdown a try yourself, please let me know. I’ll¬†be more than happy to add supporting your efforts to my list … ūüôā

Finally, I’d¬†Like to Send My Heartfelt Thanks to¬†All the Veterans Out¬†There! Hope Your Day Has Been Absolutely Perfect for You!

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